In case of urgent matters (such as flooding, power outages or the like) please call our emergency number below. State that it applies to Brf Värnhem 13. The number is on the information board in each stairwell.

In case of emergencies (flood, power failure etc.) please call the emergency number attached to the bulletin board in each stairwell.

For all other non-urgent matters, questions and concerns, suggestions for improvement or anything else, you are always welcome to email the board by clicking here. 


SBC is our financial manager. They handle, among other things, rental savings, payments and late fees. If you as a resident have questions regarding any of the above, we will refer you there. 



Billing address, supplier invoices and documents regarding pledges, as well as other documents:
Malmö Värnhem 13
Customer number 3801
c/o SBC
Box 5
851 02 Sundsvall

Delivery address and documents regarding subletting:
Brf Malmö Värnhem 13
Vårgatan 3A
212 18 Malmö

The board 2022-2023

Frank KezerlePresident
Kasper LevauVice Chairman
Maja BengtssonEconomy
Daniel OlssonSecretary
Dijana TerzicDeputy Secretary
Andreas TimglasReal estate
Christopher BazzanoBoard member
Saga HamidAlternate
Thilda HorvathAlternate
Interested in board work? Contact us on  the info email

 The page was updated: 2023-08-17