Rules of order are intended to simplify our everyday life and our well-being among neighbors and prevent possible conflicts. We list the most common situations for which it may be good to have common rules.
Anyone who uses a condominium is liable according to ch. 7. Section 9 of the Housing Owners’ Act not to expose those who live in their surroundings to disturbances or other things that may deteriorate their living environment. The welfare rules clarify these obligations on some points. The well-being rules apply to condominium owners and the association’s tenants. The condominium owner must also carefully ensure that the rules are followed by people in the household as well as guests, such as residents or secondary tenants, as it is always the condominium owner who bears the responsibility.

You will find a downloadable version of our welfare rules under the “Documents” tab.

1. General care
Remember to take care of and take good care of the association’s property.

2. Security
a) check that all gates and stairwell doors lock.
b) do not allow any unknown person into the property. Be especially vigilant when opening via the intercom
c) be careful with fire. Make sure your apartment is equipped with working smoke alarms, fire extinguishers and fire blankets.
d) if you are away for an extended period of time; please notify the neighbors or the board and turn off the electricity and water.
e) it is not permitted to store objects in the stairs such as; prams, doormats, bicycles, etc. The stairwell is a fire escape that must be kept clear.

3. Storage outside the apartment
Private belongings may only be stored in a locked storage area. Storage in public areas such as the stairwell is charged. Bicycles may be placed in bicycle racks on the courtyard.

4. Waste management
The bins on the courtyard are only for household waste and the sorting of cardboard, paper and colored glass. Coarse rubbish and other sorting is thrown away at Ellstorp’s recycling station. Hazardous waste (light bulbs, paint cans, batteries, etc.) is transported by the apartment owner to the nearest environmental station. If you have a lot of cardboard boxes due to moving in, please use an external recycling station. During a transition period, waste bins are sometimes missing in the waste room. Then they can stand on Östervärnsgatan. Go there with the garbage. It is not allowed to leave rubbish outside the bins!

5. Consideration for neighbors

Disturbing noise (for example loud music, renovations, etc. ) must not occur in the house  after 10 p.m. Monday-Thursday until the following morning at 8 a.m. and midnight Friday and Saturday evening  until 10 a.m. the following morning . If you are going to have a party in the apartment, you must notify your neighbors in advance and show consideration.

6. Washrooms
The washrooms may be used within set times after booking on the booking list. Only key fobs with apartment numbers may be used when booking. Otherwise, special rules posted in the laundry rooms apply.

7. The garage
14 garage spaces available in the association’s garage. A queue system managed by the board is applied. Subletting/lending is not permitted without the written consent of the board. Only parking space holders have access to the garage.

8. Inner garden
The inner garden is for the use of the association’s members. Take care of the common outdoor furniture and make sure that it is intact and clean. Restore the used surfaces after use. Show consideration and respect set times. Grills may not be stored on the public areas of the courtyard.

9. Apartment maintenance, etc.
Owners of housing rights are responsible at their own expense for keeping the housing rights in good condition. In cases where the apartment has a connecting patio/balcony, this must also be maintained. Wooden patios/balconies should be maintained/treated annually with standard oil without pigment.
When carrying out work in the apartment, the apartment owner must pay particular attention to his obligations not to disturb his neighbours.

10. Smoking
In consideration of your neighbors, you should be restrictive with smoking on the association’s land (apartments, courtyard and balconies). You must make sure that no one is disturbed by your smell of smoke and cigarette butts. Smoking is strictly prohibited in basements with connecting spaces and in stairwells.

11. Drain
The apartment owner must not pour strong drain cleaners, oil and other harmful objects that can damage and clog the drain pipes. If in doubt, contact the board.

12. Ventilation
Vents for the ventilation system must not be covered or affected in any way as the ventilation in the property can be negatively affected. When installing a fan that affects the house’s ventilation system, contact the board.

13. About changes in the apartment
When installing, for example, a washing machine, this must be done professionally. Otherwise, the association’s statutes apply. For renovations that affect load-bearing walls, pipes (water/electricity), contact the board for permission.

The page was updated: 2023-08-17