Entry and exit applications are sent to:
Daniel Nijad
SBC Sveriges BostadsrättsCentrum AB
Box 226
851 04 Sundsvall
or emailed to:



Do you charge a transfer fee?
Yes, we charge a transfer fee paid by the buyer and a pledge fee paid by the mortgagor. The transfer fee is 2.5% of the applicable price base amount. The deposit fee is 1% of the applicable price base amount.

Are there any planned fee increases?
Yes, we are planning a fee increase of 6% in the fall of 2023. Future fee increases are in line with, and can be read in the financial plan under the “Documents” tab.

Are there any mandatory additions to the fee?
Yes, we have a mandatory supplement for TV and broadband 199 sek/month via Telenor. We will, however, change supplier to Banhof in autumn 2023. All members will receive information directly from Banhof before the change of broadband provider.

When it comes to electricity, each member has their own electricity contract. We have a common condominium supplement, so condominium owners do not need to add it to the home insurance.

How does the joint condominium supplement insurance work?
The joint supplementary insurance works as if each member only needs to have home insurance, as we have a common agreement for the entire association regarding the supplement.

Financial management
SBC is the association’s financial manager. Members can contact SBC customer service for questions about rental savings and the like.


What is the tenant’s responsibility?
See statutes §17, you will find this document under the “Documents” tab

Is the membership application sent to the association board or to SBC?
The membership application is sent to SBC, see address under “Entry and exit application” above. The board decides on membership after a credit report. After that, SBC, on behalf of the board, adds the new member to the system.

Can a legal person be approved as a member?
Yes, see statutes under the “Documents” tab

Is UC carried out for the membership application/application to rent premises?
Yes, UC is always performed.

Does the association accept shared ownership?
Yes we do.


Members can apply for up to 2 years at a time.

The application can be found under the “Documents” tab. Fill in all the information and submit your application to the board. See contact details

The board wishes to receive the application at least 4 weeks before the planned move-in. During the summer period (1/7 – 15/8), the board wishes to receive the application at least two months in advance in order to have time to process applications received before/during holiday periods. 


What renovations have been done?
For carried out renovations and measures, see the “Info” tab.

For upcoming maintenance and renovations, see “Maintenance plan” under the “Documents” tab.

Queue times for parking (street parking, garage spaces for cars & motorbikes and bicycle parking in the garage)?
We currently have a fairly short queue time in all types of parking spaces. If interested, email the board. See contact details.Lathund for real estate agents Summary information about the association can be downloaded here .

The page was updated: 2023-08-17